30 Most Rare And Dangerous Psychiatric Disorders That No One Talks About

Clinical Lycanthropy

#16 Clinical Lycanthropy

It is fun playing imagine as a werewolf character on occasions like Halloween. This is different from experiencing the delusion of being an actual werewolf!

People who suffer from Lycanthropy believe they have transformed into an animal and behave like it too.

Although similar to Boanthropy, lycanthropy the transformation is reported to be dog or wolf.

Since it has delusional roots, Lycanthropy occurs only in some special cases.

This includes severe cases of psychotic disorders like schizophrenia,substance-induced psychosis, and severe mood disorders.

The only thing mystical about this disorder is its origin.

“Lycanthropy” derives from the Greek mythology where King Lycaon is transformed into a wolf, punishment for serving Zeus human flesh!

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