30 Most Rare And Dangerous Psychiatric Disorders That No One Talks About

Khyâl Cap

#21 Khyâl Cap

Khyâl Cap is another culture-specific syndrome found among Cambodians and Cambodians who have immigrated. Although not new in existence, it is a new addition to the DSM-5.

Khyâl Cap is also known as wind attacks to account for the symptoms that may occur due to a rise of a wind-like substance in your body.

An episode of Khyâl Cap will include symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness, and palpitations.

Other symptoms fit the criteria for panic attacks and anxiety disorders as well. That is why doctors approach this syndrome by exploring anxiety symptoms.

Another trigger for this syndrome could be trauma-related disorders. So, doctors also consider the effects of trauma but rule out any physical causes.

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